Encounter 8 Summary

Encounter 8 (04-24-2021 - 05-04-2021, with limited additional data 04-14-2021 - 05-15-2021)

This animation shows all WISPR full-field observations from the eighth PSP Mission Encounter (04-24-2021 - 05-04-2021). We have superimposed a grid showing heliocentric longitude and latitude. The timespan of this composite movie covers primarily the nominal science window when the spacecraft was within 0.25 au.

Note that some saturation of the data occurred in the inner part of the field of view on both Inner and Outer cameras, seen as the oval shaped features near the left-hand edge of each field of view.

You can download this movie as a 20Mb mp4 file.

[Credit: NRL/NASA. Movie processed/compiled by Guillermo Stenborg and Brendan Gallagher (NRL).]

Solar Features

2021/04/24 16:00 CME
2021/04/24 21:00 Repeating Loop Structures (Possible CME flythrough or repeating outflow stream)
2021/04/25 18:00 CME
2021/04/26 16:30 Streamer blob
2021/04/27 03:00 Streamer blob
2021/04/27 14:30 CME
2021/04/28 17:00 Streamer blob
2021/04/29 00:00 HCS Crossing
2021/05/01 02:00 Streamer blob
2021/05/04 02:30 CME

Comets and planets

Kreutz-group Sungrazing comets SOHO-4176 and SOHO-4177 were observable on 2021-04-24 in the lower-left quadrant of the data.

The following planets can be seen in the nominal encounter sequence movie (top of page), moving from left to right:

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Operations summary

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Miscellaneous notes

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Encounter 8 Data Products

Released data for all encounters can be obtained from our WISPR Data Page. Descriptions of other encounters can be found on the Encounter Summaries Page.